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Sex Tips from a Bipolar Domineering Nymphomaniac Sadist.

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We believe in a world where every individual has a right to sexual satisfaction as sexuality is an intergal part of the personality of every human being. It’s full development depends upon the satisfaction of basic human needs, such as the desire for contact, intimacy, emotional expression, pleasure, tenderness and love.

Sexuality is constructed through the interaction between an individual and social structures. Full development of sexuality is essential for individual, interpersonal, and societal well-being.

Sexual rights are universal human rights based on the inherent freedom, dignity and equality of all human beings.

The following Sexual Rights must be recognized, promoted, respected and defended by all societies since health is a fundamental human right, so then sexual health is a basic human right.

1. The right to sexual freedom

2. The right to sexual autonomy, sexual integrity and safety of the sexual body

3. The right to sexual privacy

4. The right to sexual equity

5. The right to sexual pleasure

6. The right to emotional sexual expression

7. The right to sexually associate freely

8. The right to make free and responsible reproductive choices

9. The right to sexual information based upon scientific inquiry

10. The right to comprehensive sexuality education

11. The right to sexual healthcare

Life Behaviors of a Sexually Healthy Adult

A Sexually Healthy Adult would:

Appreciate one’s own body

Seek information about reproduction as needed

Affirm that human development includes sexual development that may or may not include reproduction or genital sexual experience

Interact with genders in respectful and appropriate ways

Affirm one’s own sexual orientation and respect the the sexual orientation of others

Express love and intimacy in appropriate ways

Develop and maintain meaningful relationships

Avoid exploitative and manipulative relationships

Make informed choices and family options and lifestyles

Exhibit skills that enhance personal relationships

Identify and live according to one’s values

Take responsibility for one’s own behavior

Practice effective decision making

Communicate effectively with family, peers and partners

Enjoy and express one’s sexuality throughout one’s life

Express one’s sexuality in ways congruent with one’s values

Discriminate between life-enhancing sexual behaviors and those that are harmful to self or others

Express one’s sexuality while respecting the rights of others

Seek new information to enhance one’s sexuality

Use contraception effectively to avoid unintended pregnancy

Prevent sexual abuse

Seek early prenatal care

Avoid contracting or transmitting a sexually transmitted disease, including HIV

Practice health promoting behavior, such as regular check-ups, breast and testicular self-exams, and early identification of potential problems

Demonstrate tolerance for people with different sexual values and lifestyles

Exercise democratic responsibility to influence legislation dealing with sexual issues

Assess the impact of family, cultural, religious, media and societal messages on one’s thoughts, feelings, values and behaviors related to sexuality

Promote the rights of all people to access accurate sexuality information

Avoid behaviors that exhibit prejudice and bigotry

Reject stereotypes about the sexuality of diverse populations.

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Lord Mistress Kida Mia Nightly